Audition alert for violin, viola, cello and double bass – 22/1.
We’re looking for musicians to join the core musicians of Casco Phil!
Violin (tutti)
Viola (principal & tutti)
Cello (principal)
Double bass (principal & tutti)
The principal cello and principal viola will be also part of the Casco Phil string quartet.
Interested? Send your application before 27/12 to info@cascophil.be
Audition on January 22st.

Casco Phil is a musical collective based in Mechelen.
Our repertoire varies from classical repertoire to contemporary repertoire.
We like to experiment with programs, concepts and formats and play between 25 and 50 concerts a year in different settings, switching all the time between chamber music ensembles and orchestra setting.
Winning the audition means you will be a part of our core group of musicians. 
Principal cello and Principal viola will also be a part of our string quartet.
All musicians are paid per service according to the official rates.
The auditions are open to EU residents with a working allowance.

Invitation after preselection:
To participate in the preselection send your CV before December 27, 2023 to: info@cascophil.be
The selected musicians will be contacted before December 31 and will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information (program, music sheets, place, date, etc).
We do not reimburse any expenses made for the audition: neither travel expenses, nor hotel costs. – Pitch: 442 hz.
We hope to see you there!