As cultural entrepreneurs we love to work together with our partner organisations and other companies. We have developed five innovative concepts which harness the power of art and music to inspire you and your employees and stakeholders.


Take a seat amongst the musicians. Feel the interactions. Who is leading? Who is following?

There are more similarities than you would think between an orchestra and a company.

We have taken seven topics related to leadership and communication and linked them to music. Our conductor and artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts leads these inspiring sessions with enthusiasm.

This workshop can be a standalone session, or it can be integrated into an event for your clients, C-level executive session or teambuilding.



The identity of your organisation speaks volumes. We’re sure you’ve already put some thought into customizing your email signatures or business cards in your house style. But have you ever considered commissioning a company tune? Our artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts will put on his composer’s ‘hat’ and develop a melody inspired by the values, mission and vision of your company. Our top-level musicians will professionally record the tune, providing you with the perfect personalised musical logo.


Flexibility is a must nowadays. Here at Casco Phil we know this very well, which is why our orchestra is able to take on a number of different forms. Whether you are looking for an intimate, homely concert in-house for your employees, or a relaxed event for stakeholders, we will send three or four of our best musicians to give you a private concert.


Good things always come in threes. Our chief conductor Benjamin Haemhouts is passionate about music, cooking and wine, and along with leading chef Jo Brussels, he has put together an exclusive networking dinner. You can enjoy this evening full of stories about Music and Food together with other CEO’s or managers.

Sound like music to your ears?

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