Our collective: what’s in a name?

As a music lover, does this title make you sit up and pay attention?

Good. That means that you are intrigued, which means you are asking questions. Precisely the two things that we at Casco Phil believe are extremely important.

This is all well and good, but what does the question mean, then, in this context? Isn’t this text a a place where we should be talking about ourselves?

For sure: first and foremost, we do not regard Casco Phil as a classical orchestra in the traditional sense, where the form – the number of musicians, the choice of instruments, and how they are arranged on stage – usually dictates everything, and the repertoire in particular. All right, so Casco Phil is a collective. But what does that mean, we hear you ask?

It means we are an ensemble that puts content and interests first – alongside a healthy dose of awe and curiosity. Utterly flexible, adaptable, and able to provide a tailor-made solution to every new challenge we set ourselves – and these are many and varied, given that we are quite an adventurous collective. Our most important challenge is presenting ground-breaking concerts featuring well-known repertoire alongside less-know work and new music, with the very best soloists and conductors.

But please judge us for yourself, and come listen to us. Because everything that we do, we do for you.

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[People behind CascoPhil]

Benjamin Heemhouts

Artistic director with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, creative ideas and plenty of verve.

Benjamin Heemhouts

artistic director

Pieter Lembrechts

General manager with a heart for culture and an entrepreneurial spirit with international plans.

Pieter Lembrechts

general management


At the heart of Casco Phil is our core group of top musicians, perfectly in tune with each other and with our mission. This gives us a real dynamism and energy on stage that you’ll feel when you’re in the audience.

© Veerle Vercauteren

Maximilian Lohse
Vadim Tsibulevsky

Anna Buevich
Laeticia Cellura
Edgar Gomes
Karin Gutsche
Jolanta Iwaniuk
Pieter Jansen
An Simoens
Dirk Uten (principal violin II)
Hannah Van Laere
Ricardo Vieira

Javier Cubillas
Maxime Désert (principal)
Jose-Miguel Freitas
Ana Sofia Sousa
Manon Vervaet

Anthony Gröger
Aleksandra Lelek (principal)
Artem Shmahaylo (principal)
Tom Verbeke

[Double Bass]
Olivier Garnier (principal)
Maarten Taelman

Mathieu Vrijsen (president)
Anke Verhaegen
Veronique Steukers
Bart Gonnissen
Jean-Paul van Avermaet
Roel Vanhoeck

Tom Verbeke (president)
Karin Gutsche
Aleksandra Lelek
Esther Ursem
Hannah Van Laere
Femke Van Leuven
Javier Cubillas
Philip de Jager
Manon Vervaet

Jappe Dendievel (principal)
Valérie Trangez (principal II)

Esther Ursem
Femke Van Leuven (principal)

Yf Bourry
Rodrigo Furelos

Geert Baekelandt (principal)
Wendy Hendrikx
Lena La Mela

Evi Baetens
Michel Leveugle

Frankie De Kuyffer (principal)
Bert Mees

Philip de Jager (Timpani)
Ward De Ketelaere (Percussion)

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