Casco Phil is a dynamic collective that turns all preconceptions about the orchestra on its head. Propelled by the artistic vision of our chief conductor Benjamin Haemhouts, who has led the ensemble since its inception, Casco Phil positions itself as unique within the Belgian concert landscape. A flexible, committed group of musicians putting out a wide repertoire. With Western European, classical compositions as the base, Casco Phil deliberately looks beyond the divisions of genre and enjoys making forays into contemporary avant-garde, jazz and pop music.

As performers, we at Casco Phil always look forward. Where should the traditional orchestra go next? How can we renew this age-old repertoire? What out-of-the-box solutions can we come up with to reach new audiences?

With Casco Phil, you will discover music in unseen places, experience concerts in unique set-ups or sample unfamiliar pieces.

Agile in form, unwavering in quality. Our projects may be very diverse, but we always hold ourselves to the highest artistic standard in everything we do. The permanent core of our ensemble includes musicians carefully selected on their artistic and human qualities. The soloists and composers we regularly collaborate with also perform at the same world-class standard. The Labèque sisters, Sylvia and Stéphanie Huang, Bryce Dessner, Pieter Wispelwey, Lukáš Vondráček, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort… With immeasurable drive, everyone gives their best time and again.

This is why we find the metaphor of a structural shell (“casco” in Dutch) so accurate. The structure itself must be a solid and strong base. An architect can then mount their art on that shell. In the same way, our collective is a solid frame with endless creative possibilities.

Casco Phil
Unexpected. Adventurous. Colourful.

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[People behind CascoPhil]

Benjamin Heemhouts

Artistic director with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, creative ideas and plenty of verve.

Benjamin Heemhouts

artistic director

Pieter Lembrechts

General manager with a heart for culture and an entrepreneurial spirit with international plans.

Pieter Lembrechts

general management


At the heart of Casco Phil is our core group of top musicians, perfectly in tune with each other and with our mission. This gives us a real dynamism and energy on stage that you’ll feel when you’re in the audience.

Casco Phil © Veerle Vercauteren

Maximilian Lohse

Anna Buevich
Edoardo Brandi
Edgar Gomes
Karin Gutsche
Jolanta Iwaniuk
Pieter Jansen
An Simoens
Dirk Uten (principal violin II)
Hannah Van Laere
Ricardo Vieira

Javier Cubillas
Maxime Désert (principal)
Jose-Miguel Freitas
Ana Sofia Sousa
Manon Vervaet

Anthony Gröger
Aleksandra Lelek (principal)
Artem Shmahaylo (principal)
Susanne van Duuren
Tom Verbeke

[Double Bass]
Olivier Garnier (principal)
Maarten Taelman

Mathieu Vrijsen (president)
Anke Verhaegen
Veronique Steukers
Bart Gonnissen
Jean-Paul van Avermaet
Roel Vanhoeck

An Simoens
Hannah Van Laere
Anna Buevitch
Philip de Jager
Michel Leveugle
Esther Ursem

Jappe Dendievel (principal)
Valérie Trangez (principal II)

Esther Ursem
Femke Van Leuven (principal)

Yf Bourry
Irene Martin (principal)

Geert Baekelandt (principal)
Wendy Hendrikx
Lena La Mela

Evi Baetens
Michel Leveugle

Frankie De Kuyffer (principal)
Bert Mees

Philip de Jager (Timpani)
Ward De Ketelaere (Percussion)

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