During short residencies in train stations as part of EUROPALIA INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, librettist Gaea Schoeters and composer Annelies Van Parys created short operas inspired by the stories of travel of commuters and passers-by. Musicians from Casco Phil and singers from IOAcademy led by Benjamin Haemhouts brought the mini-operas to life during rush hour in railway stations in Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and London, 

– as part of EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS: Lost & Found, in association with Music Theatre Transparent
– in co-production with Opera Ballet Flanders, IOAcademy Ghent, O Festival Rotterdam, Bozar & Royal Opera House

Contemporary opera sometimes has the reputation of being rather difficult, but that is not the case for ‘Lost & Found’. (…)  The music has a solid rhythm and sticks to the mind.” – De Tijd

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