Isolde Lasoen © Piet Stellamans

Isolde Lasoen singer

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Clouseau, Jan Leyers, Marble Sounds, Ozark Henry … our musicians often, and gladly, collaborate with leading Belgian pop and rock artists. We get into the studio with them as session strings for their albums, but we also provide a symphonic foundation to their songs live.

On top of that, we have established a great and inspiring collaboration with the versatile singer-drummer Isolde Lasoen. Not only do we play along on several of her records, but artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts also wrote arrangements for several of her songs. At this gala concert for our loyal partner Arco, we will perform a selection of her greatest hits, some singles from her latest album Oh Dear and a selection of masterpieces of the French chanson. If you have already heard Lasoen’s bittersweet Douce Mélancolie or her groovy Muse Au Musée, you know that she is perfect for the genre.

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