[Beethoven complete]

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort © Thomas Van Dalen

Michiel Delanghe conductor

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort piano

For 15 years, the paths of Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort and Casco Phil have been intimately entwined. In addition to a musical partnership, a close friendship developed since 2008 thanks to Ludwig van Beethoven. To celebrate that shared path, we will pull out all the stops in 2023 and make the composer the guest of honour at the birthday party. Throughout the year, he will be at the centre of our collaborations. We perform his Seventh Symphony and his Coriolan Overture with Michiel Delanghe as guest conductor and Liebrecht then joins us for the majestic Emperor Concerto. A formidable work that draws you right in from the very first notes, thanks to the lightning-fast effort with which the soloist immediately kicks off. Like a rocket, the piano soars into the sky, only to land again, gurgling and full of vibrating ornamentation, passing the baton to the orchestra.

But our anniversary celebrations do not end there. We are also venturing into an impressive three days. From 12 to 14 October, we will perform all five of the composer’s piano concertos with Liebrecht. From his early First in D-majeur, still deeply indebted to the music of Mozart and Haydn, to the utterly idiosyncratic and exuberant Fifth. By spreading this series over four concert nights, we deliberately don’t make it a sporting challenge or a chronological music lesson, but a cleverly constructed integral that will make you yearn for more Beethoven night after night.

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