[Beethoven revisited]

© Jimmy Kets

Roeland Hendrikx clarinet

Bart Van Reyn conductor


Ludwig van Beethoven – Coriolanus ouverture

Ludwig van Beethoven – Vioolconcerto in D groot, opus 61 transcriptie voor klarinet 

Ludwig van Beethoven – Symfonie no. 6, in F majeur “Pastorale” opus 68

How can we find a special way nowadays of honouring Ludwig van Beethoven? Roeland Hendrikx will interpret the maestro’s famous violin concerto on the clarinet, the warm sounds of the instrument fitting perfectly with the lyrical feel of this concerto. It is the same instrument group – the woodwinds – who get the chance to shine in Beethoven’s monumental ode to nature: Symphony number 6, the Pastorale. The main theme will drift through your mind as if it has always been there, and always will be. Loud or quiet, fast or slow, isolated in the orchestra, the melody penetrates everything. Very strong, yet at times frivolous. A solid foundation for a trip through the lushness of nature.

Created with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

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