[Bryce Dessner]

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Jörgen van Rijen trombone

Katia & Marielle Labèque piano


Bryce Dessner –

Trombone Concerto
Piano Double Concerto
Everything in its right place (piano solo)
World premiere for string orchestra

Bryce Dessner is probably best known to the public as the composer of music for films such as The Revenant and The Two Popes, or as a guitarist in the rock group The National. In this performance at DE SINGEL in Antwerp he returns to his roots for a programme firmly anchored in the classical music tradition. His new Piano concerto is dedicated to German pianist Alice Sara Ott, a world star who has already appeared on all the big stages, and who will come to perform the piece in Antwerpen and Utrecht. And, if one concerto in an evening isn’t enough, during the concert Jörgen Van Rijen will also perform the Trombone Concerto dedicated to him. The composer sought out Casco Phil to accompany these two pieces, and also perform his poignant symphonic work Wires. Artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts himself will take the baton, meaning this world premiere will be in very good hands.

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