Crokant © Tine Van den Bunder

Spending a week together making music, immersed in nature, talking, exploring, trying things out, and discovering the city. And, at the end of every day, a delicious, homemade, healthy meal on every plate so that noone’s tummy will be rumbling after all that fun… Casco Phil and Musica ‘impulse centre’ have been collaborating for eight years to organise the CroKant music camps, offering voyages of discovery to delight everyone’s tastebuds and eardrums. An enticing and exciting first step into the wonderful world of music for children from six to twelve years. And you don’t even need to play an instrument to participate, since Casco Phil will also be there to provide music.

The CroKant music camps will be held this year in Alden-Biesen, Ghent, and Mechelen.

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