[Family show: de Lange Wapper | Antwerp Spring Festival]

© Bas Bogaerts

Clara Cleymans staging

Prince K. Appiah singer

Stijn Saveniers conductor

Clara Cleymans – text
Noah Senden – music

The Antwerp Spring Festival is a festival for everyone and that includes the little ones! Today’s children are tomorrow’s audiences and enthusiasm has no age limit. Everyone, young and old, has heard of Lange Wapper. But who knows the real story behind it?
Like many old tales and legends, the story of the Lange Wapper has faded somewhat from our collective memory.
The story is nevertheless very exciting and funny and makes you forget that Playstation for a while during this fantastic children’s show for children aged 6 and up.
Who better than Clara Cleymans to bring out Lange Wapper from under the cover and give the story a contemporary twist? This is a first for her working on the story as a creator and on stage, she will be joined by rapper and actor Prince K. Appiah, by musicians and by conductor Stijn Saveniers, who will be conducting Noah Senden’s music, composed especially for this story.
Make sure you bring grandpa and grandma too, they might even remember the story!

– Dutch spoken

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