Church Mariekerke © SAN-CMU Architects

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Jeroen Berwaerts trumpet

Music that can provide stillness. It may sound contradictory, yet that is precisely what we want to do with our INKEER (CONTEMPLATION) concerts.

In a world that never stops and where we limp along from impulse to impulse, we all feel the need to stop every now and then. A concert is already an outstanding reflective moment but what if we enrich that experience further with mindfulness? On each occasion, we put forward an artist who, besides being an excellent performer, is also versed in meditation or yoga. The audience first takes part in a session before immersing yourself in the music.

For the first concert in this project, we invite trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts. In addition to a glittering career as a soloist, he spent many years with the Norddeutsche Rundfunk orchestra. Berwaerts considers yoga and breathing exercises to be an essential part of his artistic work. We will explore the intersection between mantra and minimalism together with him.

The lectern includes the ethereal music of Arvo Pärt and the transcendent repetitive of Philip Glass. But there are also sound works that you might not immediately associate with peace of mind. Opulent high baroque to take you into ethereal realms, or elusive, mystical medieval notes. But there is one common thread sailing between genres, styles and centuries, this is music at its most purifying.

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