[Júlia Pusker plays Mozart]

Julia Pusker © Ingrid Otto

Júlia Pusker violin

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor


Vivaldi transcr. Haemhouts – La Folia

Niccolo Paganini – Violin concerto 1

Frederic Neyrinck – Fenster

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Paris Symphony

Júlia Pusker has been artist in residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel since 2015, in the violin department of Augustin Dumay. Two years ago, in 2019, the talented Hungarian soloist had her big breakthrough when she won fifth prize at the Queen Elisabeth Competition. Back then she already charmed the audience with her musicality, including her interpretation of Mozart’s violin concerto in B flat major. Casco Phil has been collaborating with the prestigious competition for a while, often leading to inspiring partnerships with competition laureates. This concert is no different, organised in collaboration with vzw Aentwerk, an inspiring non-profit started by a group of friends to organise concerts in aid of good causes.

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