[Kursaal Classics]

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort © Thomas Van Dalen

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort piano

Michiel Delanghe conductor


Beethoven – Emperor Concerto, Seventh Symphony

Can one ever have enough of Ludwig van Beethoven? For Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, in any case, the answer is no. During Kursaal Classics, an event that is fast becoming a fixture in our spring calendar, Vanbeckevoort will join Casco Phil in the casino in Ostend to perform Beethoven’s fiendishly difficult and imposing Emperor Concerto. This piece was written at the time when the army of Napoleon Bonaparte was approaching the border, and is thus a perfect companion piece to Beethoven’s equally war-thirsty Seventh Symphony. A work that Richard Wagner dubbed the ‘apotheosis of the dance itself’, but which is a fixture in the canon above all due to its magestic alegretto. This will be our second time this season working together with Michiel Delanghe who, despite all the fighting, will get us home safely with a triumphant ‘allegro con brio’.

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