Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Stefaan Degand staging

International Opera Academy Ghent Soloists

Listening to the music of Kurt Weill, you may wonder whether this is the work of a classical composer, or a flirtation with musical. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. Weill’s music touches you.  

And so does LoveMusik, an ode to this 20th-century composer. Written by the American theatre maker Alfred Uhry, the libretto focuses on Weill’s deep and complex love for singer-actor Lotte Lenya. LoveMusik follows the lives of these two artists, guided by Weill’s music and inspired by Lenya. 

In this adaptation, director Stefaan Degand works on the opera’s underlying theme of attraction and rejection – the volatile dynamics of Lenya and Weill’s relationship. The scene tells about the inner restlessness of the opera’s characters, who are all ‘underway’. 

LoveMusik is an emotional, funny and surprising portrait by the talented singers of the International Opera Academy and Casco Phil.

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