[Marble Sounds]

Marble Sounds © Johannes Vande Voorde

If you have come across our ensemble, you probably already know that our musicians are able and willing to take on an incredibly varied range of repertoire. And we are always glad to cross boundaries between genres when making music. “There are only two sorts of music: good, and bad”, as our artistic director Benjamin Haemhouts puts it. So, in the 2022-23 season we will also continue the successful collaboration between our ensemble and the Belgian indie-pop group Marble Sounds. We have already played with them on their album Tautou, toured with them through Europe, and, the highlight of our collaboration so far, made a live recording of our show in Concertgebouw Brugge. This season, together with frontman Pieter Van Dessel, the band will once again take us with on a small tour through Flanders to promote their new album released later this year.

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