[Ozark Henry]

Ozark Henry © Ozark Henry

Stijn Saveniers conductor

After more than 20 years on stage, Ozark Henry has become a piece of Belpop history. He was praised by David Bowie, picked up by Chantal Pattyn and has several platinum records in his pocket. Starting out as an avant-garde experimentalist, he evolved into a compelling symphonic songwriter. Someone who can masterfully paint with orchestral colours both in his own music and as a producer or arranger for other artists. Piet Goddaer is someone who perfectly understands what it is like to work with classical musicians – for example, he was ambassador of the Belgian National Orchestra in 2012.

This time it is our turn. We take to the stage with Ozark Henry and perform the symphonic arrangements he wrote to accompany his songs live. Apotheosis is the performance at Concertgebouw Bruges, where we break down the partitions between musical boundaries, deliberately blurring genre designations like pop and classical.

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