[PETYA I VOLK. Peter and the Wolf with live music]

© Diego Franssens

Gorges Ocloo staging

Paul Contryn performance

Ineke Nijssen performance

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor


Sergey Prokofiev: Peter and the wolf

Cheeky Peter, the flighty little bird and waddling duck, as well as the vicious cat, grumpy grandpa, tough hunters and of course the dangerous wolf… For many of us, these tunes from Sergei Prokofiev’s musical fairy tale Peter and the Wolf, played on the strings, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, timpani and horns, were the first contact we had with classical music.

In Mechelen, Casco Phil will play this animal-filled classic to accompany the puppet play by Paul Contryn, narrated by Ineke Nijssen. They have already been performing Pjotr en de Wolfski for DE MAAN theatre for 25 years. To celebrate this anniversary, after more than a thousand shows, director Gorges Ocloo takes on Prokofiev’s masterpiece again, while Casco Phil will perform the score in full, without any cuts at all.

Production:  Casco Phil and DE MAAN
Coproduction: Perpodium, with the support of taxshelter of the Belgian Federal Government and  Cronos Invest

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