[Summer concerts]

(c) Veerle Vercauteren

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Jean-Philippe Rameau – Pygmalion Overture
Philippus de Monte – Ogni mio ben crudel
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Die entführung aus dem Serail (overture)
Ludwig von Beethoven – Romance no. 2 in F
Franz Liszt – Hungarian rhapsody
Antonin Dvořák – Song to the moon (from: Rusalka)
Jean Sibelius – Valse Triste
Edvard Grieg – Morgenstimmung (from: Peer Gynt)
Niels Gade – Brudevals
Traditional (Croatia) – Love Song
Traditional (Serbia) – Dance Tunes
Traditional (Northern Macedonia) – Love Song
Traditional (Slovenia) – Dance Tunes
Traditional (Montenegro) – Erotic Dance
Traditional (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Work Song
Józef Wieniawski – Polonaise de Concert
Traditional (Romania) – Joc de doi
Giuseppe Verdi – Sempre Libera
Manuel de Falla – Danza Ritual del Fuego

Music transcends today’s factual boundaries, echoes the natural, musical borders of yesteryear, and, above all, acts as the connecting factor between different cultural regions. Casco Phil takes you on a journey that began hundreds of years ago and introduces you to folk music from Hungary, rousing Klezmer from Romania, festive French music at the court of Louis XIV and much more. From all corners of Europe, you will hear beautiful music as we take you on a complete ‘tour musicale’, from Western Europe to Central Europe and Northern Europe, before ending in Southern Europe via Eastern Europe. The programme takes a journey across Europe, focusing on the current members of the European Union. At the same time, we also take a journey through time. This includes music from the 16th century (by Philippus De Monte from Mechelen), but also Baroque music, music from Classicism and Romanticism, a considerable amount of folk music arranged for orchestra, and of course a touch of accessible modern music. Cultural regions are highlighted in music throughout the different eras that have made the Europe that we know today. 

Co-produced by Perpodium.

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