[Summer Concert – Hoboken]

Casco Phil at Klassiek Hoboken 2021 © Frederik Beyens

Kurt van Eeghem presentation

Below the Kiel, pinned inside a bend of the meandering Scheldt, is the Hoboken district. A neighbourhood far from the Antwerp city centre bustle but full of vibrant liveliness. An area where grey clashes with green, where 21st-century modernism clashes with the history of war, where the city clashes with the countryside. There, the picturesque Sorghvliedt Park is our base for a free musical party for, with and by the locals themselves.

Radio star, opera fanatic and Hoboken native Kurt van Eeghem is your musical guide in his own town during Ten Zuiden van ‘t Zuid. He presents a programme full of nippy overtures by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gioachino Rossini, alongside the greatest pieces and best-known hits from the opera repertoire. An ideal introduction to classical music, because Kurt guides you through the notes and matchlessly conveys his passion for the genre with his infectious enthusiasm. Never did Hoboken sound like this before!


Created with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

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