Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Raf Vandermeulen composer

Hugo Van Geet librettist and promotor

Tom Goossens staging

Vic De Wachter narrator

Tineke Van Ingelgem (Erato) soprano and staging

Kris Belligh (Viridis) Baritone

Yves Saelens (Faunus) tenor

Esther Kuiper (Kyryi) mezzo-soprano

Vocaal Ensemble choir

In the rainforest and savannah of Suriname, compelling melodies, vibrating arias and choirs can be heard. Tropenliefde (meaning: Love of the Tropics) presents the story of Erato and Viridis, their parents Kyryi and Faunus, and their tribes, the Wayanas and the Akurios. Vic De Wachter tells of a tried and tested love that wants to transcend culture and conflict. The soloists are soprano Tineke Van Ingelgem, baritone Kris Belligh, mezzo-soprano Esther Kuiper and tenor Yves Saelens. The opera was written by Raf Vandermeulen, the libretto is by Hugo Van Geet, and the piece is directed by Tom Goossens.

In collaboration with Cantoribus VZW

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