[Windmill Symphony]

Havenhuis Antwerpen | Zaha Hadid Architects

CASCO Phil ensemble

Benjamin Haemhouts conductor

Elise Caluwaerts  soprano

Frank Deboosere voice

Peter Knockaert  composer

Bart Ribbens data engineer

Pieter Lembrechts  project coordination

Eyes Screen  video

At the crossroads of art, science, and industry, Casco Phil is working on a project together with the University of Antwerp, energy company Vleemo, and the Port of Antwerp.

On 14 June – not coincidentally also World Wind Day – we will be taking the air currents above the docks and using them to compose a new piece of music. Thanks to an algorithm developed by the University of Antwerp, we will translate the wind’s power and the windmills’ movement into a playable score that our musicians will play live, on sight. An intriguing project bringing together a great deal of expertise to share an important message.

based on an idea by David Daggelinckx and Tom Monballiu

“The Windmill Symphony” a project realised with the support of:

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