[Into the white light]

© Stefan Hîderath

Mari Samuelsen violin

Benjamin Haemhouts director

Works by

Johann Sebastian Bach, Peteris Vasks, Hildegard von Bingen, Arvo Pärt, Jeroen d’Hoe, Pietro Locatelli, Sigur Rós, Benjamin Haemhouts

The hustle and bustle suddenly stops. But no one is obliged to stop or quieten down – stopping can also be a choice. Into the White Light is a way to press pause: music that outsmarts time, just for a while, and makes us stop and think. And who better than Johann Sebastian Bach to whisk us away from the here and now? Refined, elegant music combined with contemplative compositions from the Renaissance and Baroque era as well as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Once again, Casco Phil will work together with Norwegian violinist Mari Samuelsen, known for her daring blend of traditional and modern repertoire. The soloist, conductor and orchestra come together in a space without any limits.

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